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Tagging Prague
By Dominique Falla

Requested {tagues}

1. The Orloj (or Astronomical Clock): {Kim Evans} East St. Kilda, AUS
2. One of my "Freedom of Expression" Prague posters: {Jenna Read} Gold Coast. AUS
3. A Fountain with Turtles: {Sharon Searle} Currumbin, AUS
4. A Palace Guard: {Richard Blundell} Daisy Hill, AUS
5. Bone Bell, Sedlec Ossuary, All Saint's Chapel: {Shannon and Haylee} Reedy Creek, AUS
6. A self-poured beer from your very own tap at the Beer Factory: {Kellie Leader} Southport, AUS
7. The Národní Divadlo (or the National Theatre): {Renee Sankey} Gold Coast, AUS
8. The John Lennon Wall: {Nathan Murray} Shailer Park, AUS
9. An, cat, bird...humans excluded: {David Lydiard} Tugun, AUS
10. A person playing chess with the tag "czech mate": {Mariko Walton} Los Angeles, USA
11. A prostitute in Wenceslas Square: {Wayne Shelley} Gold Coast, AUS
12. One of the toys in the Toy Museum. Perhaps the beautiful China Doll Bust or the Deep Sea Divers: {Franca Barnabas} Melbourne, AUS
13. A Hassidic Jew worshipping at the Klaus Synagogue: {Vince McKillop} Mount Tambourine, AUS
14. A walkie talkie in the hand of a radio amateur outside the National Society for Ham Radio: {Tony Falla} Castlemaine, AUS
15. The most uninspired, bored dude being dragged around the Museum of Czech Cubism. Bonus points if he doesn't notice: {Michael Quinn} Eagleby, AUS
16. The coolest, or most impressive street stickers/sprays/stencil art you can find: {Miles Rumsey} Falmouth, UK
17. A Horse Drawn Carriage: {Richard Neville} Ormeau, AUS
18. A modern artpiece at the corner of Havirska and Na Prikope: {Martijn Savenije} Amsterdam, NL
19. A train at a station platform with the station's name included: {Michelle Robie} Castlemaine, AUS
20. The front door of the Baroque Riding School, Prague Castle: {Sally Wilde} Brisbane, AUS
21. The AC Sparta Praha Stadion: {George Karakatsanis} Byron Bay, AUS
22. A local girl's ear, and or hair: {Bianca Frankie} Brisbane, AUS
23. The Alphonse Mucha Museum: {George Manicaros} Hill End, AUS
24. Salvador Dali, at the Wax Museum (or as close to him as can be gotten): {Em Davidson} Kingston, Ont. CAN
25. Jan Hus Monument: {Albert Pak} Chicago IL, USA
26. Franz Kafka's house on Golden Lane: {Heather Faulkner} Brisbane, AUS
27. A National Treasure inside Karlstejn Castle: {Cynthia Houtzager} Southport, AUS
28. Statue of the Holy Infant Jesus, in the Church of Our Lady Victorious: {Penny Eldridge} Nerang, AUS
29. Tague a Tag: {Matt Hearne} Wongawallan, AUS
30. An OUTSTANDING door. Either beautiful or crappy: {Anke Moller} Oxenford, AUS
31. The hairiest fattest guy you can find scratching his arse: {Sharee Vitale} Tallai, AUS
32. A tree branch at the Old Jewish Cemetery: {Amy Lehr Miller} Dallastown, PA. USA
33. Anything on the third level of the Karlovy Lazne Dance Club (it has FIVE levels of nightclubbing!!): {Katie Hilton} Miami, AUS
34. A real olde Gypsy woman: {Carlina Merritt} Pimpama, AUS
35. Golden dog on the Charles Bridge: {Aleksandra Petrova} Riga, Latvia
36. The horse statue in front of the National Museum: {Andy Wang} Taipei
37. A bottle of Becherovka 38% alcohol...favourite drink of Czech people: {Mathew Griffin} Boston, MA. USA
38. A toilet seat: {Jay Woods} Burleigh Heads, AUS
39. The Nationale-Nederlanden (dancing building): {Momoko Cunneen} Tokyo, JAP
40. A chastity belt from the Museum of Torture Instruments: {Jenn Molloy} Dublin IRE
41. Any mineral found within the Magic Garnet Museum: {Justin Spicer} Seattle, WA. USA
42. An old Czech man's big toe: {Marie-Therese Bjornerud} Melbourne, AUS
43. A Gourmet Cupcake! With the Tag... "Ready for Czeching by Katelyn, the Cupcake Connoisseur": {Katelyn Hankinson} Springwood, AUS
44. Storm Type Foundry. Or some evidence of it's existence: {Denica Layton} Gold Coast, AUS
45. Someone hassling you to attend a classical music ensemble performance in the Prague Castle area. Bonus points if they're dressed in period clothing: {Scott Esdaile} Brisbane, AUS
46. Anything captivating inside or outside the historic Czech Museum Of Music building, but the closer to the piano Mozart played while visiting Prague, the better: {Erin Dyrud} Missoula, Montana, USA
47. Someone sitting alone at the Cafe Imperial. I want a photo of them including the mosaic ceiling: {Angela Nagel} Research, AUS
48. A shot of REAL absinthe... which you will then drink: {Katie Garvan} Gold Coast, AUS
49. The most BRILLIANT/BEAUTIFUL/INSPIRING book on typography that you can find: {Ashleigh Brennan} Gold Coast, AUS
50. A green glass perfume bottle from an antique market: {Kate Russell} East St. Kilda, AUS

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